Friday, September 21, 2012

Roark's Ford

Labadie, Missouri
March 15, 2010

 We went to look at an old house and discovered this
antique ford buried out back in the overgrown yard

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  1. These pictures are great! Well done to choose them for Green Day! Christa

  2. Muito legais.Gostei das fotos!beijos,chica

  3. It is a green antique and beautiful truck. Lol
    Have a nice Green Day!

  4. So green is my valley, er, old Ford!

    A great find, beautifully captured.
    Happy Green Day,

  5. so great for you - for the photo-op ... but sad for the truck. quiet alone death. boo hoo. (:

  6. Valeu a pena a curiosidade em espiar a casa velha ...adorei o achado!

  7. oh my!

    but even my rescuereaction ain't going to shift that one.....

  8. I always view these as an experiment in long does it take a Ford to rust into the earth??? Nice shots Rita!

  9. Wonderful photos and the old truck is a great find. Have a happy weekend!

  10. Oh gosh -- what a shame to let that sweet old thing rot into the ground. But what a great picture.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful and poignant scene. My heart aches a little, as I still hold out hope that someone out there has the wherewithal to bring this lovely piece of history back from the brink. Sigh...what a find!

  12. How did I miss an old truck post?!? Great find! The green is awesome.


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