Saturday, September 15, 2012

Leaning Tree Reflection

 Daybreak at Lions Lake 
Washington, Missouri 

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The challenge this week at Thematic Photographic
 is to show something at an angle.  


  1. Muito linda foto e lugar! beijos,chica

  2. I wonder how long it will be before it topples in?

    1. Bob, It does look like it is about to go but that old tree has been at its precarious angle for more than six years….so far.

  3. Looks like it will fall anytime now.

  4. Cet arbre part à vau-l'eau... O_o

    A picture I first found sadsad, but I was quite relieved to see your previous answer Rita : more that six years like that... Mother Nature has her own ways, I guess.


  5. It looks like it's just leaning over to get a sip of water. Hopefully it will make it at least another six years.

  6. I bet that tree is popular with the frogs, fishes, and turtles (etc.).

    It's also popular with me!

  7. cet arbre est sur la mauvaise pente ;o)

  8. One good wind storm and in she goes...until then, it looks pretty cool. Nice shot Rita.

  9. Wow...makes me wonder what this tree would be thinking if trees could actually think. Maybe something like a wish to go for a swim. I fear, before long, it'll get its wish.

    Spectacular shot!

  10. Great shot Rita. The wonders of nature...

  11. LOVE it!!! sadly, the poor tree will probably end up, head first, in the lake one day.
    oh well...then it will be serving another purpose...a place for the fish to hide!!

    beautiful picture!

  12. A beautiul and serene looking scene. If I was a kid, I'd be climbing out over the water on it.


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