Thursday, September 20, 2012

Red Dirt Road

Pine Mountain Georgia
May, 2012

Linking to Alphabe Thursday

This weeks theme is the letter "R"


  1. Beautiful pic...... Nicely Composed!!!

  2. This is an amazing photograph and an amazing setting. I didn't know this linkyhop existed ither! cool. I'll have to keep that in mind.

  3. Oh yes, take me to that red dirt road...and let me wander ....! It's ringing such a strong tune for me!

  4. I love photos like that -- spurs your imagination on to what might be just around the bend....

  5. Love it! Great picture and brings back memories.

    I once bought (and wore out) a T-shirt that exact color that said "Alabama Dirt Shirt" (Georgia gift shops probably sell them too.)

  6. I love the red roads and the other Georgia red dirt places. I think peanuts grow good in that red soil. Perhaps pecan trees also?

    Jim's Little Blog

  7. Beautiful. It looks a lot like where I live - red dirt and green pines!

  8. This looks so much like my first home...Alabama!! Lovely shot!

  9. I love road shots like that and this is especially lovely with the red dirt!

  10. lovely :) nice contrast between the red road and green trees!


  11. Oh hooray!

    I love red dirt roads!

    I wish I could explore down around that bend!

    I think there'd be a charming farmhouse there...with a field of sunflowers beside it!

    Thanks for a really charming link to the letter "R".



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