Monday, September 10, 2012

Get Your Kicks

Tile mural on the wall of the ladies restroom at the highway 44 reststop 
Conway, Missouri 
March, 2012

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  1. Cool mural. I always liked the Rolling Stones version of Route 66.

  2. Interesting that they are advertising Rt. 66 on Highway 44...nice mural though! Very nice to see in a restroom too - better than the usual graffiti!

    1. Linda, there are several parts of the old Mother Road that are now part of highway 44. While other parts of the original route 66 runs parallel to highway. My mother actually lives on part of the old route 66 that serves as the service access to the highway as it passes through parts of St. Louis and Franklin Counties in Missouri.

      This particular rest stop sits on part of the old route 66 and has a section of the road recreated as a picnic area with pavilions that have the facade of some of the old businesses. It also has some of the original neon signs from the area that have been restored and install in this rest area.

      There are many links to photos and some u-tube videos about this rest area out there if you google Route 66 Rest area Conway Mo. I really should do a post on this myself with the photo's I have taken over the years.

  3. Lindo mural!abraços,chica e ótima semana!

  4. That's very welcoming for the traveler.

  5. Cool mural. Looks like a well kept restroom.

  6. a good reminder that one should always stop at all restrooms :)

  7. Route 44? Really? Get your kicks on Route 44 just doesn't have quite the zing. But the mural is beautiful.

  8. I love it! I'm reminded of the TV show.

  9. Maybe this should be my next road trip. cool mural.

  10. It's the same all along the old route 66. The bypassed parts of route 66 still exist, but much of it was removed and replaced with more "modern" highways. I'm happy to say that some of both situations exist out here.


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