Monday, September 17, 2012

Augusta Barn

Augusta, Missouri 
August, 2012

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  1. The red barns are a favorite of mine, a great barn find.

  2. Acho lindos os celeiros! beijos,chica

  3. I love the weathered wood and the large tree. Great photo!
    I also like the leaning tree reflection and the view of the lake in your previous posts.

  4. Fine looking old, red barn. Traditional barns are disappearing from the rural landscape here in the Midwest as fewer farmers keep dairy or other animals on the farm. Most farms now raise only grain, corn and soybeans. The traditional barns were red because farmers could mix their own paint from skim milk, lime, iron oxide, and linseed oil. The paint preserved the wood on the barn, lasted many years, and kept the barn warmer during the winter by absorbing sunlight. They also look good.

  5. I love barns, too! Thanks for becoming my newest follower, Rita! I will also you!

  6. This barn is indeed charming!!! great eye!!!

    Please do hook up with us tomorrow. We put in out at midnight mst. so join about and have fun!

  7. Nice photo! It looks like it was really nice in it's day.

  8. i love those types of drive-in entrances. :)


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