Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mouth of the Platte

Platte River
Plattsmouth, NE
May, 2012

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  1. Nice photo! You obviously live in a great environment for taking everyday photos. Some of us are just so lucky. ;)

  2. What a stunning place to wander!

  3. Wow! Stunning photo. I really like the perspective you have in this shot.

  4. I'm surprised I see water! :) Very pretty.

  5. Gorgeous photo. We stayed in an RV Park once on that river. Can't remember where, but remember the river was beautiful.

  6. great photo - angle and subject matter....

  7. The perspective is amazing here...and that sky!
    stop by and link up

  8. Use to live near here. The Platt River was referred to as an inch deep and a mile wide. It is filled with sand bars. Beautiful shot.


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