Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Missouri river

Missouri River as seen from the Highway 47 bridge
Washington, Missouri 
August 11, 20112

Footnote: Due to our extended drought the river is so low that we are starting to see things that everyone has forgotten were hidden there.  
Like these outcroppings. 

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  1. Have just seen photographs of drought in USA on internet. TV is showing pictures of hurricane. Weather can be pretty frightening.

    Have not been posting or looking at blogs much recently. How are you?

    Keep wondering whether you are on Twitter. I thought it was an odd idea when I first came across it but have found it a great way to be in touch with people all round the world, all round the clock, keep up with the news and come across people with similar interests - like plants and photography. Sorry to sound like an advert. If you do join/are already there, you can find me at @LucyCorrander

  2. Drought also happens in some parts of my country. Great shot of the river.

  3. It is the same here, the lake looks different with the low water levels! Lovely photo.

  4. We have rain here in MI I do not know if our lake and river are below water level I hope it is not. It would be bad for so many farmers. Who made those outcroppings? That is so amazing to see though we need water for the water to be back to its normal level. Happy Wednesday!

    Water World Wednesdsay

    1. Kim, they are rubble mound breakwaters made by the Army Corps of Engineers.

  5. Replies
    1. Jidhu, The formula for constructing breakwaters is complex. The Army Corps of Engineers determines the shape of the breakwater based on this. The breakwaters in the photos are designed to limit large wake damage, created by barge traffic, on the low lying south shore of the Missouri river near Washington MO.

  6. Makes an amazing picture, but the reason is not good news!

  7. Drought in some places and too much rain in others... but it looks like the Mississippi may get enough water to hide those outcroppings soon.

  8. What a panoramic shot! All THAT is normally underwater??? At least there are no boats or cars being uncovered!

  9. Nice shot! Too much water in some places, not enough in others. We sure do have some crazy weather these days...

  10. the weather sure has been strange...all over the world!

    here in florida, we're usually in drought mode...then all of a sudden, a deluge...and the rivers rise...and the floods begin!

    THAT is a very cool backwards 'L's slow the river flow??
    i kind of like it when the water goes down...and you see what's underneath!

  11. nice shot. but......I see you have my logo but I did not see your link in the Linky list. Did you forget to enter? Your link above goes to the flower/macro meme but no entry there either.

    A new watermeme is out now.


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