Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hand Crafted Locomotive

Washington, Missouri 
Spring, 2012

Linking to Saturday's Photo Challenge 
This week theme is Planes and Trains 


  1. Just outside of town is a parking lot where a small used car lot use to be. On the weekends it fills up with vehicles of all types that folks want to sell. One Saturday as I was passing I noticed this Locomotive parked on the lot and stopped to get a photo. I never did see a for sale sign or anyone I could get any information from.

  2. Jidhu: There are probably dozens of reason someone might build a vehicle that looks like a train. Usually it is because that person had the ability and resources to build it and decided to do so. Think of it as a toy for adults.

  3. IF that were in Texas, someone would make it into a BBQ smoker! Looks pretty cool though.

  4. Someone did a nice job of this project! The comment from Jidhu was interesting -- it is hard to explain obsessions and hobbies sometimes ;>)


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