Friday, May 25, 2012

Still some Life Left

Washington, Missouri 
May, 2012


  1. A great post for B&W Weekend!

  2. Great pictures you show.
    Hanne Bente /

  3. Wonderful patterns here. I love this kind of shot.

    Thanks for commenting on mine.

  4. Great job for B&W.... I had gotten so far behind, just had a grand time scrolling down through your last several posts. You'r so great at seeing the beauty everyplace -- by the side of the road, from your back door, plus your travels... my favs were the barge by St Charles and that killer peaches and cream sky.....

  5. I like motives like this! Wonderful in black and white!

  6. I used to go to yards like this, to look fir tires for my first cars. I usually found some, as well. Evidence here of motorized generations, people on the move. Regards :)

  7. Very nice! I wonder how many millions of old tires are sitting around this country...

  8. There are always going to be SOME LEFT. Have you ever seen one of those huge mountains of old tires on fire. It is a scary experience. Your picture really gives you the feel of what we all have piling up around our countries. Beautiful wor. genie


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