Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Self Portrait

Self Portrait taken pre-chemo
Summer 2011

This weeks theme is Self Portrait. 


  1. Great shot, I really like this. It took me a moment to find the camera.

  2. thanks for your beautiful selfportrait! hope you will be soon ok :)

  3. Fint billede, med en glad dame :-)

  4. I hope that you are getting better.
    Great selfportait.
    Best wishes.

    Mormor Norway.


  5. I love this, Rita! Talk about thinking outside the box ... you are so creative!

  6. Nice one! I'd say you took that photo at about 4:26...

  7. A lovely smile. Hope that smile is still smiling today. Perhaps you should have a copy of this photo with you so you can look at it and smile back.

  8. gratulation! you won at picstory with your wonderful selfportrait! ♥


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