Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wind and Dust

Iowa Farmland
March 26, 2012

I am linking this post to Wordless Wednesday 


  1. I enjoy your blog and post, but your health is the most important thing ever. Glad you are feeling better and may you continue to be blessed.

  2. I like this a lot. When you have pictures like this here, I wish you displayed them bigger.

    1. Lucy, if you click on the photo it should enlarge for better viewing of the details. Perhaps I should add that to my posts.

  3. Nice photo! I'd like to change to a free template that displays the photos in a larger manner, but I haven't found one yet. Maybe I'll have to pay for one!

  4. Always feel funny commenting on a "Wordless" post, because I take so long to say that no words are necessary! Love this typical of farmland photo-- I love this kind of country.


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