Friday, March 30, 2012

Mother and Daughters

Gateway Arch Riverboat Cruise
St. Louis, Missouri 
June, 2011

Three pairs of shoes.  Which is the Mother's?
This photo has always spoken to me somehow so
I choose it to link to this weeks Thursday Challenge.
The Thursday Challenge theme this week is the number "three."


  1. Hi Rita. I agree, there'a s lot to this picture.

    About the size - yes, it enlarges well. However, not everyone has time to enlarge all the pictures they see. I visit more blogs than I have time for already so it's not often I stop to enlarge. Cumulatively such delays are a disincentive. (Like the new word verification system.) It's also the case that some pictures look good small and others large. I suspect I miss some good pictures by not realising they would be better seen bigger. (On the other hand, there are some blogs where people enlarge photographs that would have more impact if posted smaller.)

    The new template designer is reasonably straightforward. The margins can be made wider and smaller. Ditto the main bit where the posts go. You could give yourself a more versatile space if you were to adjust their widths.

    Meanwhile - I think this is one of your 'special' pictures. (And I did enlarge it!)


    1. Lucy, thanks for the comments and the advice. I have been away from blogging for a while and Blogger has simplified things and made changes I was unaware of. I played around a bit and was able to do what you suggested. And, I do like the new look much better. I hope you do too.


  2. Rita, I didn't realize you were back blogging! I am thrilled to see you here, knowing that you are doing well.

  3. I looked at the legs ! The shoes say nothing to me, and even though, it's difficult to say, I think mom is in the middle !

    1. Gattina, If you look real close you will see that Mom has some veracious veins. I would expect the blue shoes to be the sensible Mom shoes, but, our Mom is wearing the glamorous gold shoes. If you could see the full body shot I also took you would know that Mom was dressed as if she was half the age of her girls.

  4. I love this! Love it! I remember when I was a teenager how my grandmother dressed like she was from a different era (longer dress, old lady shoes) and my mom only wore dresses and nylons and heels (w/girdle),and I wore (the horror) jeans or pedal pushers! My grandma was shocked. (Now, my daughter, grown granddaughter, teen age granddaughter and I might all be seen in jeans and a T-shirt and we'd all feel fine and (I hope) look OK! (But I'd love to have the gold shoes -- way to go mom!)

  5. Rita, I'm sure you've already remembered that I get behind on my reading sometimes. We were away for a few days and I'm just catching up. I sometimes miss my favorite daily bloggers, but I always eventually read everything.

  6. I did pick golden shoes, because I'm grandma myself and I'm wearing golden shoes ;)
    I know that my daughter and her daughter would not do that. It seems too... much to them. This madness came to me with the age and I can put it in words like that: I don't care any more what others are thinking!
    PS. I like blogger's new possibilities too!


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