Friday, April 29, 2011

Layered Weather

This was shot at sunset, there were strong winds and it was raining. The colors are just as they came out of the camera. Several hours later there were tornadoes all around the area.

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  1. Most all the weather lately has provided nothing but stormy skies. You caught this one in at an interesting stage.

  2. That's beautiful -- Layered skies -- a perfect description!

    and I have been wondering if you are OK through all this weather.

  3. I took a lot of storm pictures this last week but just didn't get the one this color. I did however get a "fire on the horizon" shot a couple nights ago. I think I should post it. Thanks Rita!

  4. Lovely...the "calm" before the storm?

  5. WOW!!!
    This is an amazing looking sky! I'm so happy to be living in a place that has VERY little real weather...
    Hope you are having a good weekend!


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