Saturday, April 30, 2011

From a Trickle to a Flood

Even flood waters reflect the trees.
Flooding of the Loutre Creek near Herman, Missouri

I am linking this post to Weekend Reflections hosted by James at Newtown Daily Photo .
To visit the reflections captured by others click here.


  1. Wow, impressive flood... The colors are precious, though...

  2. nature is beautiful, even when she rants and raves...
    Love the colors and reflections!

  3. Rita I just have one question...Where were standing when you took this great shot??

  4. Chuck, there was no traffic so we stopped on the bridge and I took the photo through the window of our pick-up truck. I'm guessing but the water appeared to be about about a foot below the bridge deck.

  5. I wondered the same as Chuck above -- is it going down?

  6. Wow, I hope this isn't near you. It is so devistating. Everyone were hit in different kind of nature. We had a tornado north if Niagare Falls, NY and that is hours from where I live. Thanks God that wasn't near here. We usually don't get tornadoes in this part of the state.
    Have a good week.

  7. Even though this is a flood, the color of water is amazingly beautiful!! Interesting reflections in the water. everything is bathed in green light. Thank you for sharing.


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