Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flooded Field

Heavy rains flooded many parts of the bottom land along the Missouri River.
Farmers are several weeks behind planting their crops.
Some areas, like this one, have become a marshy wetland for all types of birds.

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  1. A clash of remarks there - should I be glad the birds have a new habitat or concerned for the farmers?


  2. I had to text my daughter to see if her area of MO is flooded. She said the Black River is about an hour away from her. But they were getting heavy rains.

    Here's my Watery Link for the day:
    Skipping Rocks Sculpture and Fountain

    Have a super duper day!!!

  3. We have flooding all around us, too. I'm so ready to dry out!

  4. you are so right looks flooded as well

  5. It looks flooded, but what pretty spring colors!

  6. One man's ceiling is another man's (or bird's) floor.


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