Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Older than I

This old horse barn has been in my Aunt's yard in Eufaula, Alabama
longer than I have been alive.
May, 2011

I am linking this post to Barn Charm.

Barn Charm is a Monday meme hosted by Tricia.
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  1. Have you been in it? I love this image and would love to explore it.

  2. Rose, I have not been in the barn since I was a child. We use to play there as kids. Now my Aunt rents it to a neighbor who uses the barn to stable his two horses. My Aunt is ninety now and only had a brief visit with her on my recent trip south.

  3. So you grew around it & played in it? Do you have pics of the inside? I love love love old barns like this... thanks so much for submitting it & joining Barn Charm! I just love to see these old barns!!! =)

  4. Very pretty barn, Rita. Thanks for sharing!

    Barn Charm

  5. That is a cool building (and great shot)!

    See my entry at...


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