Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mimosa Tree

Large Mimosa Tree
Eufaula, Alabama
May, 2011


  1. What exactly is a Mimosa tree?? I know my wife likes them (Mimosas) at Christmas time. It's a cool looking tree.

  2. Rita -- we have seen that beautiful tree all over the last few days (have been on the road since Thursday). Bill thought that it was a mimosa -- he'll be glad to know he is right!
    I was kind of like Chuck above -- I thought mimosas were holiday brunch drinks with cnampagne.

    Thanks. We went right through Eufalia.

  3. Wow!Mimosa tree looking so beautiful.This tree is mostly grown in the garden or outside of house.It gives amazing beauty to your house.I really love to grow this tree outside of my house.

  4. Mimosa trees rapidly grow to about 20-25 ft. They have a tropical look, but are very hardy. They adapt to almost any soil type. They are drought tolerant and can be planted in full sun or partial shade.

  5. Mimosa is a delicious tree which attracts bees and butterflies.A mimosa tree has a single trunk and fern like leafs with fragrant pink flowers.


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