Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Why, Oh Why

    Why, Oh Why would anyone what to do this to their car.  


  1. I felt a burst of sexism coming on when I saw this. I assumed the car is owned by a man. Then I thought perhaps his mother had not let him put pictures on his bedroom wall when he was growing up. Then I suggested to myself that I shouldn't jump to conclusions and decided the only proper answer to your question would be - I don't know! But now I'm wondering about all the possibilities and potential stories there might be behind it.

    1. Lucy Corrander, I have seen this car around town for years now. Even the side windows are covered in stickers. I have seen it parked in lots of different places but have never seen the driver. I to think it is a male. I envision a thirty-something man that never grew up and still lives with his mother.


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