Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trailer Graveyard Two

Washington, Missouri 
Summer 2010

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  1. How big is this trailer graveyard!? I had never thought about what they do with them when they are old...wonder why they don't crush them and recycle? Thanks for linking up again!

    1. Where I took these shots is a large gravel lot that sits on the corner of two country roads. I have been passing by here for at least twelve years and the trailers just keep getting more rusty each year. I've never counted the trailers but I checked my photos and I have fifteen in different shots and that was not all of them. Some were in an area I could not get to. Perhaps they are being used for storage. There are four or five that have the same company name on them. There is a business next door but it doesn't have that name.

      I would love to get the inside scoop so someday I will stop at the business and ask a few questions.

  2. I thought they were all crushed... great shot of this ol girl! =)


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