Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Storm Cloud over the Lake

View from my brothers deck 
Table Rock Lake
Shell Knob, Missouri 

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  1. Looks like an amazingly relaxing place, even with the storm clouds. Great picture.

  2. Beautiful; I would love to live near water. Very peaceful.

  3. Just looking at this pic is relaxing. :)

  4. Very awesome lake. Where's the boat lets get on that lake!

  5. That's lovely - wish I had a view like that!

  6. Great view even if a storm is brewing. I'm envious.

  7. What an incredibly peaceful slice of the planet! If I lived there, I'd probably never get anything done :) I'd be so busy just taking in the view, likely with a good book and an iced tea close at hand. Love this shot,and am so glad you shared it as part of this week's Thematic!

  8. Very nice....for some reason, I want to go fishing!


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