Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Did It!

 Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse
Cardiff Hill
Hannibal, Missouri 
March, 2012

This shot was taken by my dear husband.
 That pink spot on the stairs is me doing my best to complete the climb to the top.  


  1. My knees give me a hard time when I climb stairs.... did you make it to the top?? LOL Bet I wouldn't have.

    1. Diane, I did make it to the top, but, it was a struggle. I have bad knees, also. I hate to say it but going down was actually worst for me.

  2. Oh you made it hooray hooray --. Fabulous. I used to always have more trouble going down stairs or hills because of my eyes/bifocals. Had cataract surgery this winter and don't need glasses anymore except for reading , so now I need to find a lighthouse and see if its any easier. (But I'm older now and my feet hurt worse than they used to ;>).)


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