Monday, April 9, 2012

Graffiti Train

Graffiti Painted Boxcars
left parked on a side rail overnight
Washington, Mo. 
March 30, 2010


  1. The effort that has gone into this! And the extraordinary sense of cleanliness. Is it possible the owners of the trucks paid to have this done as a way of dissuading people from spray painting a scrawly mess?

  2. Lucy,

    Hispanic graffiti is usually quite neat and more ornate than black or white graffiti. Some "artists" have been known to use a portable power washer to prepare a particularly good site before applying their art. In this instance it appears the cars are new or were recently painted during renovation.

  3. Oh my....around here the graffiti is always gang related, so there is a lot of police/detective work involved. If they're caught, the parents pay for the damages and the kids go and serve jail time plus afterward some community service.

    Actually, I like the colors used on these works....hope they're not done by gangs.

  4. Rita, I have a train "stopping point" right across from where I live. There are times when every car in the train has been graffiti'd. And they look so cool...the best one I took a picture of was a American flag on the side of the engine, I think I actually posted it last July 4th.

    1. Chuck, we get a lot of trains through my town. Most are loaded with coal and headed to the power plant down the way. But, we get some really great ones also. But I am fourteen blocks from the tracks and do not see them unless someone calls me with a heads up. We had a Civil War replica stop for a short while last week but I could not get there in time to photograph it. Darn! Maybe there will be a next time.

  5. the colors are wonderful
    I wish they would have painted more scenes and less characters
    I like your composition

    it's lovely that the church I posted is so similar to one you know :)

  6. Interesting shot -- and I read through the comments which were fascinating too -- I never know what to think about graffiti.

  7. Great photo! I'm not fond of graffiti, but it is part of our world, and you captured this train wonderfully!


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