Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Santa Fe, New Mexico
October, 2009


  1. Hi Rita! Love, love your pictures! I think we are starting a new relationship here. I posted on your cranberry glass, you posted on my Day Dreaming pictures. Now I've discovered your photo blog and am so excited. Although I've always taken a lot of pictures, it's only very recently that I became interested in photography (a new camera) and have joined some of the photo memes. I have just become a friend and follower of both your blogs and hope you might consider same. I look forward to more of your images in the future! Honey

  2. That's a great shot Rita! I love all the color and the old time wagon.

  3. This one makes me smile and feel cheerful. There are so many things about it - the balance between all the circles, the new and the old, the colours. The situation looks interesting too. Someone is taking great care of a garden against an un-scenic background.

  4. OK so, it's a pretty garden, but where's the jackalope? I must be missing something.

  5. Sallie, I'm sorry I know my title is confusing. Actually, Jackalope is the name of the business where this photo was taken.

    After checking into our motel in Santa Fe we discovered we were next door to what I discovered is a well know business that imports all forms of architectural salvage and every gardening and home decor they can import from Mexico and the middle eastern countries. It was a huge place with dozens of buildings devoted to different areas and items. They ship their good all over the world.

    That is why you see all the salvaged doors in the background. This wagon and the pots were among the items for sale.
    March 9, 2011 6:22 PM

  6. What a beautiful photo! Love the colors...


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