Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Sand

Del Mar, California
October, 2009

This shot is just as it came out of the camera. The only editing was for size.

I am linking this photo to Blue Monday hosted by Smiling Sallie.
To join the fun or visit those that participated click here.


  1. Woof!
    I love that gentle blue!

  2. what is he eating, I wonder??

  3. You caught the gull just before he ate. Nice shot.

  4. Pretty!

    Please come and see my worthwhile bluesworthwhile blues, have a good day!

  5. Beautiful.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rita.

  6. Rita, nice showing for your blue feature today. That is a great photo of the gull.

  7. "the only editing is for size." I think that's the way it should be...
    great photo!

  8. Imagine having something that big stuck in your mouth!


  9. Lesley:
    I think it is a sea urchin. Thanks for looking.

  10. I'm thinking you are posting beautiful warm-weather photos == remembrance of things past or things to come (or both).

    Sallie (the other one)


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